Please Remember the WorldCF As You Plan End-of-Life Giving

The generosity and foresight of those of you who have included the WorldCF in your wills and other estate plans help us continue our vital work. You, not someone else, determine where your assets go. You can receive favorable tax benefits, and more of your assets will be available for your loved ones. Some estate-plan arrangements guarantee you an annual income for the rest of your life. And with gift structures, you can ensure that your gift avoids the delays and potential pitfalls of the probate process.


The most common way is to name the WorldCF as a beneficiary in your will or trust document. You can also name WorldCF as the beneficiary of your retirement assets or life insurance policy. Charitable gift annuities are an opportunity to supplement your income with steady payments that are partially tax free. A gift of your home can supply you with an immediate tax deduction and you can live there for the rest of your life. You can remember WorldCF in your will with a specific dollar amount or percentage, with an endowment bequest, or by making the WorldCF the residual or contingent beneficiary of your estate.


For your protection, please contact a tax advisor or professional estate planner to discuss your giving options and strategies. Or for more information from us, please contact us at 214-783-6889 or We will put you in touch with WorldCF board member Alexander Macnab, FAHP, CFRE, who is a professional gift planning consultant, and he will be happy to discuss your many options at no cost or obligation to you. We hold all inquiries in the strictest confidence.


And please let us know if you have already named the World Craniofacial Foundation in your estate plan so we can ensure that your gift is used as you intend. This also gives us the opportunity to include you as a member of our Legacy Circle and to properly acknowledge and thank you for your support.

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