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Spring Message from Dr. Salyer

Spring is a wonderful time for renewal, and at the WorldCF we are always renewing ourselves to help do a better job of aiding kids in need around the world. But in the midst of our thirtieth-anniversary year, I know you’ll forgive me for taking a few words to express my pride in all that we have accomplished—with your tremendous support—during the past three decades. We are the world’s only foundation devoted exclusively to treating indigent children everywhere who have severe craniofacial challenges. We do our job well and thank you so much for joining us in this very important effort!


In this Spring 2019 issue of Transforming Lives, we highlight two children—one from Kenya, another from Honduras—who soon will undergo life-transforming surgeries at Toronto’s renowned Hospital for Sick Children, which is affiliated with the WorldCF, and the WorldCF’s own craniofacial center at the San José Children’s Hospital in Bogotá. Young Malik and Anderson are receiving this surgical care only because of you. And thank you so much on their behalves.


We’re announcing in this issue our new “A World of Faces” initiative, in which we partner with New York artist Greg Di Folco to offer one-of-a-kind drawings of anyone you choose—yourself, a friend or family member, one of “our” special children, or anyone else—in exchange for a life-transforming donation. We love Greg’s work and are excited to share this opportunity with you to add to your art collection and support the WorldCF at the same time!


Read in these pages, too, about how you can support the WorldCF far into the future by remembering us in your end-of-life planning. And please join us in Telluride on August 20 and/or in Dallas during the holiday season to take part in our combined anniversary celebrations and fundraisers. We would love to have you be part of these very special occasions!


Thank you so much in advance for giving as much as you possibly can to make these children’s dreams become realities! Our work depends solely on you and may God bless you and your families this spring

Malik, from Kenya

Anderson, from Honduras

Anderson and Malik Surgeries Are Scheduled Soon—Thanks to You!

Micha and his drawing by Greg Di Folco

Sophi and the drawing of her by Greg Di Folco

“A World of Faces” Initiative Offers You Professional Drawings That Help Kids, Too!

Please Remember the WorldCF As You Plan End-of-Life Giving

The generosity and foresight of those of you who have included the WorldCF in your wills and other estate plans help us continue our vital work. You, not someone else, determine where your assets go. You can receive favorable tax benefits, and more of your assets will be available for your loved ones. Some estate-plan arrangements guarantee you an annual income for the rest of your life. And with gift structures, you can ensure that your gift avoids the delays and potential pitfalls of the probate process.


The most common way is to name the WorldCF as a beneficiary in your will or trust document. You can also name WorldCF as the beneficiary of your retirement assets or life insurance policy. Charitable gift annuities are an opportunity to supplement your income with steady payments that are partially tax free. A gift of your home can supply you with an immediate tax deduction and you can live there for the rest of your life. You can remember WorldCF in your will with a specific dollar amount or percentage, with an endowment bequest, or by making the WorldCF the residual or contingent beneficiary of your estate.


For your protection, please contact a tax advisor or professional estate planner to discuss your giving options and strategies. Or for more information from us, please contact us at 214-783-6889 or info@worldcf.org. We will put you in touch with WorldCF board member Alexander Macnab, FAHP, CFRE, who is a professional gift planning consultant, and he will be happy to discuss your many options at no cost or obligation to you. We hold all inquiries in the strictest confidence.


And please let us know if you have already named the World Craniofacial Foundation in your estate plan so we can ensure that your gift is used as you intend. This also gives us the opportunity to include you as a member of our Legacy Circle and to properly acknowledge and thank you for your support.

Summer in Telluride Is Magical! Come Join Us!

Join Us in Telluride and Dallas as WorldCF Celebrates Its Thirtieth Anniversary!

In 1989, Dallas-based Dr. Kenneth Salyer—already one of the most highly acclaimed craniofacial surgeons in the world—established the World Craniofacial Foundation, dedicated to treating children with severe craniofacial challenges, no matter where they lived or their ability to pay.


The foundation turns thirty-years-old this year, and we invite you to help us celebrate our longevity and our accomplishments—none of which would have been possible without the steadfast financial support of donors like you.


Please join us in breathtakingly beautiful Telluride, Colorado on Tuesday, August 20, for an anniversary celebration and fundraiser at the Sheridan Show Bar in Telluride’s renowned 1913 Sheridan Opera House. Dr. Salyer and the foundation’s board members will attend, and we look forward to announcing celebrity attendees as well. It will be a very special early-evening event, and we would love to have you join us! Please contact us at 214-783-6889 or info@worldcf.org and we will give you detailed information.


The foundation will host another, similar event in Dallas during the holiday season, and we will share more information about it in the Fall newsletter that you will receive soon after Labor Day.

We believe that our thirtieth anniversary is the perfect time for you to dig deep and give us all the financial support you possibly can, so we can continue this profoundly important work for two decades more—until our fiftieth anniversary, which Dr. Salyer personally plans to help celebrate on his 102nd birthday!

Please Help Us Update Our Donor Addresses and Phones

Some of you have been donating to the WorldCF for thirty years—and you mean a tremendous amount to us—as do all our donors. But our donor database is in dire need of a physical address, email, and phone number update. In order to encourage you to send us your current contact information, if we receive a hundred or more responses to this request, we will pick one of those donors out of a hat and that individual will receive complimentary transportation and lodging for our Telluride celebration in August. To be eligible to participate in this drawing, simply email us with your information at info@worldcf.org or mail it to WorldCF, 7777 Forest Lane, Suite C-616, Dallas, Texas 75230 USA.

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