New WorldCF Center in Bogotá, Colombia Is Poised to Serve Many Patients

Our newest international craniofacial center formally joined WorldCF centers in Taiwan, the Philippines, Canada, China, and India in August. In the United States, we work closely with centers in Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas as well. And we look forward to announcing new U.S. and international centers in 2019 as we continue to carefully expand our global reach and redouble our determination to treat as many children with severe craniofacial anomalies worldwide as we possibly can.


The WorldCF center at the Hospital Infantil Universitario de San José in Bogotá is a center of excellence in every regard, and is directed by Dr. Rolando Prada, who was trained in Mexico City by the late Dr. Fernando Ortiz Monasterio, a former WorldCF board member and someone recognized for decades as one of the very finest craniofacial surgeons in the world.


If you speak Spanish, be sure to visit YouTube, where you can see and hear Dr. Prada himself describe the work he and his staff do at the University Children's Hospital of San José. At the WorldCF, we are delighted that Dr. Prada and this new center will help us provide lifesaving and life-transforming care to children throughout South and Central America. These associations and collaborations with centers of excellence around the world are what allow us to keep "our kids" from living lives in darkened rooms—or worse—and your extraordinary financial support is what makes this vital work possible!

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