Little Joaquin Has Successful Surgery in Bogotá

At the WorldCF, we regularly tackle huge surgical challenges. The surgeries our patients undergo are highly complex and we never take a good outcome for granted, even though excellent outcomes are what we strive for in every case. When all aspects of a child's treatment go as planned and his or her life is saved or transformed, it's always a cause for celebration. A perfect example is the case of Joaquin, from the small city of Armenia in western Colombia. Still an infant, Joaquin was born with Crouzon's syndrome, caused by the premature fusion of sutures in the skull that prevent it from growing normally and affecting the shape of the head and face. Joaquin also suffered from trigonocephaly, the premature fusion of the metopic suture leading to a triangular shaped forehead.


Joaquin had shunts implanted at home in Armenia in April, then he traveled to Bogotá in August for a consultation with Dr. Salyer, WorldCF medical administrator Dr. Diego Steinberg, and Dr. Rolando Prada, head of reconstructive plastic surgery at the Hospital Infantil Universitario de San José—one that led to a highly complex, yet very successful, surgery in October in which Dr. Prada placed distractor units on both sides of Joaquin's skull that will, over time, advance his face forward. A future surgery will reshape his forehead and ultimately give him a normal face and head.


Drs. Salyer, Steinberg, and Prada—all part of the WorldCF international team—are highly skilled at procedures that once would have been unimaginable. Your wonderful financial support helps the foundation ensure excellence on the part of all the surgeons around the world with whom we work and makes it possible for kids like Joaquin to grow up normally and lead productive lives.


Sometimes it seems like magic, but in reality children like Joaquin are transformed by skill, experience, and dedication to excellence on the part of their surgeons and medical caregivers. And you make it all possible! Please give and thank you so very much.

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