Soon after this newsletter arrives in your mailbox, two of our many international patients will have complex surgeries that will allow them to grow up to be healthy and productive adults. The first will take place in late May at our craniofacial center at San José Children’s Hospital in Bogotá, Colombia, and soon thereafter a patient from Kenya will undergo surgery at the internationally renowned Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto—the first time one of our patients will be treated at this newly affiliated center.


Two-year-old Anderson, who lives in Honduras, will undergo surgery that will repair his massive facial cleft and save his life. He has breathing difficulties and cannot chew and survives only on what he can consume via a bottle. His father is a bricklayer and earns less than $300 a month in support of his precious family. But surgery—which you make possible—will begin a bright new chapter in the lives of Anderson and his family.


Malik, who only recently turned one and who suffers from sagittal craniosynostosis—a condition in which the sutures in his skull fuse prematurely, causing his head to be misshapen and potentially leading to blindness and even death—will travel with this mother all the way from Kenya to Toronto for surgery that will be performed by Sickkids’ craniofacial surgeon Drs. John Phillips and Peter Dirks.


Both boys have excellent prognoses, despite the seriousness of their disorders, and both will get fresh starts in life only because of your generosity. Please open your hearts this spring and help us renew these two lives and aid hundreds more children like them with the WorldCF's ongoing multidisciplinary team care. Please give $50, $100, $1,000 or as generously as you can today and throughout our thirtieth anniversary year! You make it all possible! Please give and thank you so very much.

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