All our patients are special in every way, but little Anderson’s story is both singular and a compelling example of how we encounter, support, and treat our patients


Among the first WorldCF patients to be treated at our new center in Bogotá, Colombia, Anderson was born with a massive facial cleft in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, in 2016. He had breathing difficulties and could not chew and survived only on what he could consume via a bottle. His father is a bricklayer and earns less than $300 a month in support of his family.


Anderson’s surgery was planned by Dr. Diego Steinberg, the foundation’s medical administrator, Dr. Rolando Prada, our newest medical director, medical director Dr. Derek Bruce, and WorldCF founder Dr. Kenneth Salyer in advance of a highly complex operation that took place in Bogotá in May 2019.


After five and a half hours in surgery, Drs. Prada, Steinberg, and pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Pablo Baquero had completed their work, and Anderson was transferred to a pediatric intensive care unit. Remarkably, only a week later, Anderson was doing so well he was released from the hospital and, after another week, he and his mother Isela returned home to Honduras. He will require additional surgeries to close a cleft palate and to reconstruct his nose, but his transformation already is dramatic, and his life-saving surgery was an enormous success.


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