Ally as a baby prior to her surgery; Ally with Dr. Salyer in November 2019


Dr. Salyer recently received this wonderful letter from Ally Tallman, a former WorldCF patient:


“My husband and I had the pleasure of seeing you at the WorldCF anniversary party in Dallas in November 2019. My last surgery with you was fifteen years ago. . . . I remember you would visit my parents and me, just to check in. As you placed your hand on my arm or shoulder, I always felt a wave of reassurance, peace, and safety. I didn’t know how to put those emotions into words as a young person, but looking back, I understand the grace and wisdom your hands carry and the immense amount of work they have contributed to helping others. I told you that night in Dallas, but I’ll say it again: Thank you for my smile!


“We look forward to the WorldCF newsletters and especially appreciate the Spring 2020 newsletter. Our prayers always include the children of the world and those who care for them. You and all those involved with the WorldCF are a blessing to this world and to my family. Thank you for such persistent love and compassion towards children in need. We just mailed a gift to the foundation with a prayer that it may support your mission during this difficult time and allow the children to thrive, as they rightfully deserve.”


And Ally closed her letter with this:


“P.S. Fast forward a couple short weeks from the WorldCF anniversary evening—our prayers were answered with a positive pregnancy test! We are pregnant with a healthy baby boy! We’ve been self-isolating for the past months and hope you all stay healthy and happy.


God bless you and your team. Sending our best wishes and love to you all,


Ally & Kyle Tallman”

 Ally pregnant with Tai, and Ally and son Tai soon after his birth

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