Adela’s Successful Surgery in Bogotá Was A “Miracle,” Her Mother Says

One-year-old Adela, who was born with Apert’s syndrome in Sabinas, a small city in the Mexican state of Coahuila not far from Laredo, Texas, had her first surgery at our new center in Bogotá, Colombia, in September. Everything went precisely as planned during the long operation headed by center director Dr. Rolando Prada, who was assisted by neurosurgeon Dr. Pablo Baquero and WorldCF medical administrator Dr. Diego Steinberg.


Adela and her parents were able to return to Mexico soon after her surgery, and she has continued to thrive. In fact, we recently received a wonderful and confirming note from Adela’s mother, Sairi, who wrote, “Solo escribo por que estaba viendo la cabeza de mi hija, sus resultados se estan notando cada dia mas! La operación que hicieron en Colombia ha sido un milagro.”


“I just write after observing my daughter’s head, and her results are getting more noticeable every day! The operation they did in Colombia has been a miracle.”


Yes, sometimes what takes place in surgery seems like a miracle indeed. But these “miracles” can only happen with your help! Please donate as generously as you can and help us renew the lives of hundreds more children like Adela!

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