We believe everyone should have access to life-saving and life-transforming medical treatment, no matter where they live, no matter their ability to pay.


We have proven over more than a quarter-century that even the very poor can receive excellent medical care.

Founded in 1989 by Kenneth E. Salyer, M.D., 1936-2020, the World Craniofacial Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides:


  • Access to innovative surgical care  for children and adults with abnormalities of the head and/or face.
  • Emotional support to patients and their families
  • Funding (cash or in-kind gifts) for transportation, lodging, meals and ancillary needs of patients and their families as they pursue treatment
  • Funding/fellowship programs for physicians undergoing advanced craniofacial training
  • Education about craniofacial abnormalities and treatment to patients, their families, government agencies, insurance companies, physicians in training and the public
  • Support for and distribution of craniofacial research to the medical community, government agencies, insurance companies, patients and their families
  • Advocacy for superb craniofacial patient care worldwide

Our Vision

Transforming Lives. Restoring Hope.

The World Craniofacial Foundation provides help, hope and healing for children with craniofacial abnormalities and their families.


We work tirelessly so that, some day, all people with craniofacial abnormalities will receive transformative care—regardless of geography or socio-economic class.


The WorldCF is the global leader in advocacy for excellent craniofacial patient care, education and research, as well as the primary resource for philanthropic support.

Please help us give every needy child a normal face.

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World Craniofacial Foundation

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