We are excited to tell you about our new “A World of Faces” partnership with New York artist Greg Di Folco, who will be delighted to create a one-of-a-kind original drawing of you, a family member, friend, or one of our WorldCF patients—even pets or collections of people, whatever you’d like. Greg’s colorful and high-energy drawings are on 18-inch by 24-inch archival paper, and are created with pastels, chalk, pen and ink, charcoal, pencil, and more. And $500 of each $1,000 drawing will directly help the foundation do its vital work of renewing the faces of poor children around the world. (Larger drawings can always be commissioned for a higher price.) You can see more samples of Greg’s work at www.showwhoyouareportraits.com.


Greg and his wife Gina are the parents of ten-year-old Leo, who has severe, non-verbal autism, and Greg is particularly sensitive to the challenges all children with disabilities face as well being a wonderful artist. Why not commission Greg to create a special portrait or portraits for you and your loved ones and help “our” WorldCF children as well? Please contact us at info@worldcf.org or call 214 783 6889.

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Sophi and the drawing of her by Greg Di Folco

Micha and his drawing by Greg Di Folco

Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Karl Dunbar by

Greg Di Folco

Mikey and his drawing by Greg Di Folco