Wei Er is Adopted by American Parents

In our Spring newsletter, we shared the story of a wonderful little Chinese girl who was abandoned soon after birth and who currently lives at the remarkable Dew Drops Little Flower orphanage in Beijing, which cares for children with medical challenges. It was clear as soon as Wei Er was admitted to her new home that she faced an uphill climb if she was going to survive because of a significant tumor that was spreading across the left side of her face and neck.


We’re delighted to share the news that although Wei Er has been diagnosed with neurofibromatosis and will likely need many surgeries as she grows, she is in the process of being adopted by an extraordinary family in Atlanta. Both the Chinese and U.S. governments have given the adoption initial approval, and Wei Er will travel with her new parents to Seattle sometime this fall for a lifesaving operation during which craniofacial surgeons will remove a tumor in her face and neck that is growing rapidly and is pressing on her left carotid artery and affecting her trachea and ability to swallow as well. It’s a beautiful story—and this is a truly hopeful time for precious little Wei Er.



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