The Heepkes are horse people. And by all accounts they are also some of the finest folks anyone knows. What we’re sure about at the WorldCF is that we are profoundly grateful to them.


Jeff Heepke, his wife Marcy, and their two daughters, Grace and Emma, manage Triangle H Farms in Edwardsville, Illinois, including a renowned horse boarding and training operation, and 4,000 acres planted in corn, soybeans, horseradish, and hay. Two years ago, Emma, now thirteen, was severely injured when a horse kicked her in the head. She was airlifted to St. Louis Children’s Hospital and has made a remarkable recovery. In the weeks following Emma’s accident, Marcy was so grateful for her daughter’s return to health that she went looking for an appropriate charity on the Internet. She found the WorldCF, liked what she read and viewed about the ways in which we transform young lives, and the Heepke family has made monthly donations to us ever since. Grace has just begun her freshman year in high school, Emma is entering the eighth grade, and we think the Heepke family is fantastic!


Please join them and thousands of others in supporting the vital work of the WorldCF!

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