Russell Martin


Russell Martin joined the WorldCF as its first president early in 2017. He is an internationally renowned author and documentary filmmaker whose books and films have received many awards. He directed, wrote, and produced the highly acclaimed and award-winning documentary Beautiful Faces, filmed at the WorldCF-affiliated craniofacial center at Hospital Dr. Manuel Gea Gonzalez in Mexico City, which premiered in 2012. He is producer of the award-winning documentary film Two Spirits. His nonfiction book Beethoven's Hair, a United States bestseller and a Washington Post Book of the Year, has been published in twenty-one translated editions and is the subject of a Gemini-award-winning film of the same name.


When Colorado College awarded him an honorary doctoral degree, the citation read, in part, “Mr. Martin offers to general audiences precise and accurate, but highly readable, studies of extraordinarily complex issues. He does more: he sees beyond what is already known; he moves beyond synthesis to new insights. His work is disciplined, analytical, and creative. It is also profoundly humane.”  Mr. Martin’s individual books and films have repeatedly been focused on the ways in which people respond to disabilities and societal differences.

Jan Howes

Foundation Coordinator

Jan Howes joined the WorldCF in December 2016 following a long career at American Airlines. A fine-art photographer, she has also worked as a photography stylist and photographer’s executive assistant. She has a degree in education and has worked an elementary teacher. Ms. Howes has a passion for children and their welfare and she believes the WorldCF is perfect fit with her experience and her desire to work in ways that improve people’s lives.

Jasmine Jackson

Patient and Family Coordinator

Jasmine Jackson recently joined the WorldCF as the foundation’s new patient coordinator. A preschool teacher in Dallas who was born with syndromal craniosynostosis, she endured many reconstructive surgeries and profoundly understands the challenges faced by craniofacial patients and their families.


Ms. Jackson has created an organization she named Butterfly Champions—because the butterfly is the WorldCF’s symbol of renewal, and because everyone who makes the most of these challenges is a champion, she believes. She invites others to help by lending us a hand in any way they can, reminding them that that without the work of the WorldCF, many young people born with the challenges she was must live with shame, rejection, and little hope throughout their lives.

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