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I hope this newsletter finds each of you safe and well as the worldwide COVID pandemic continues to affect all our lives. At the WorldCF, we are doing everything we can to prepare for a number of critically important patient surgeries just as soon as it is safe for them to travel with a family member and undergo major reconstructive surgery. We need everyone’s help to ensure that we can provide this care just as soon as we possibly can—and we need your help most of all!


In this issue of Transforming Lives, we highlight nine patients who will have surgery early in 2021. Each of them is a precious little soul whose life can be wonderfully renewed by the surgeries we are planning. For thirty-one years, we have been treating children with the most severe and complex craniofacial cases, and we need your financial support to continue our work—particularly in these challenging times. With your generous support, you can offer a child a chance in this world of neglect, prejudice, even hate. Your gift is one of love and compassion. Please give generously and transform a child’s life!


We share with you our hope that 2021 will be the year in which conjoined twins Augusto and Pedro are successfully separated. And we highlight here, too, the wonderful Heepke family in rural Illinois who have become monthly donors to the WorldCF. They, like all of you, help us help the world’s neediest and most forgotten children. And we are very grateful.


With the help of the Heepkes and all of you, we can do this together—renew faces and transform lives, even as this pandemic continues to dramatically affect our lives! Thank you. And may God bless all of you and keep you well,

Many WorldCF Patients Must Wait Until It’s Safe for Surgery Following the Pandemic

Bat Ochir, Mongolia, one-year-old, Apert’s syndrome, scheduled for surgery at Chung Gang Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan

Daniel, Honduras, two-years-old, Treacher Collins syndrome, surgery planned for University Hospital, Bogotá, Colombia

Aprajita, India, sixteen months, Pierre Robin syndrome, treatment planned by Dr. S.M. Balaji in Chennai, India

Annalis, Romania, three-and-a-half-years-old, Pfeiffer’s syndrome with Chiari malformation, surgery likely at Dayton Children’s Hospital, Dayton, Ohio

Odisha, India, fifty-four years old, (one of the few adults served by the WorldCF) severe Parry Rhomberg syndrome with left eye blindness, surgery planned by Dr. S.M. Balaji in Chennai, India

Mann, India, six-years-old, Crouzon syndrome, recently evaluated by Dr. S.M. Balaji. Mann has an atlantoaxial subluxation that needs to be corrected before moving forward with a craniofacial surgical plan

Dean, Albania, one-year-old, Metopic synostosis, surgery planned at University of Geneva Hospital by Dr. Andrea Bartoli

Anderson, Honduras, four-years-old, Midline facial fissure and facial bipartition performed at University Hospital in Bogotá. A cleft palate surgery is pending in Bogotá

Dhwaj, India, nine months, Bilateral Tessier cleft, surgery planned at Dr. S.M. Balaji’s hospital in Chennai, India

Conjoined twins Augusto and Pedro from Guatemala

Conjoined twins Augusto and Pedro from Guatemala

Please Help Augusto and Pedro in This Time of International Crisis

From left: Emma, Marcy, Jeff, and Grace Heepke

The Heepke Family Gives Thanks Via the WorldCF

The Heepkes are horse people. And by all accounts they are also some of the finest folks anyone knows. What we’re sure about at the WorldCF is that we are profoundly grateful to them.


Jeff Heepke, his wife Marcy, and their two daughters, Grace and Emma, manage Triangle H Farms in Edwardsville, Illinois, including a renowned horse boarding and training operation, and 4,000 acres planted in corn, soybeans, horseradish, and hay. Two years ago, Emma, now thirteen, was severely injured when a horse kicked her in the head. She was airlifted to St. Louis Children’s Hospital and has made a remarkable recovery. In the weeks following Emma’s accident, Marcy was so grateful for her daughter’s return to health that she went looking for an appropriate charity on the Internet. She found the WorldCF, liked what she read and viewed about the ways in which we transform young lives, and the Heepke family has made monthly donations to us ever since. Grace has just begun her freshman year in high school, Emma is entering the eighth grade, and we think the Heepke family is fantastic!


Please join them and thousands of others in supporting the vital work of the WorldCF!

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Conjoined twins Augusto and Pedro from Guatemala
Conjoined twins Augusto and Pedro from Guatemala