Little Bat-Ochir needs our help now.

Little Bat-Ochir needs our help now. He has Apert’s syndrome which, as you can see, affects the shape of his head and face, potentially creating dangerous pressure on his brain, eyes, and airways.


The WorldCF scheduled his first surgery and recovery for early April – right now – in Taiwan, but the coronavirus pandemic means that the surgery is on hold for at least two months, and probably even longer.


For two long years the three-year-old’s impoverished parents and extended family have waited patiently for this life-saving surgery, but now they must wait even longer. Like most children born with Apert’s in the developing world, Bat- Ochir is under-nourished and very prone to bacterial and viral infections.


Now, the additional wait imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic not only increases the odds for complications, but also adds significant additional costs to his care. We must ensure that he continues to receive his medications, stays well, and receives a healthy pre-operative diet. Expensive 3D medical modelling must be employed again because he is growing so quickly, and his face and skull are changing almost daily. The surgical team that will treat him must be ready at a moment’s notice when travel and the surgery itself is once again safe.


And after Bat-Ochir’s first surgery, it will be both essential and expensive to ensure that he recovers in a safe environment where he can be protected against infections of many kinds.


He is just one of thirteen children the WorldCF is currently assisting who must wait for treatment because of the horrific COVID-19 pandemic. And with each passing day this spring, the costs for treating him and other children like him are rising at an alarming rate.


Please help us ensure that the vital work of the WorldCF can continue in this time of crisis by donating as much as you possibly can! No foundation in the world serves the severe cases we accept. We need your help now more than ever!


While programs  like Smile Train and Operation Smile provide generous and effective care for many straightforward cleft lip and cleft palate cases, sadly the more complex patients are excluded because of the lack of surgeon skill and the ability to provide post-surgical and follow-up care. As many as 20,000

children with highly complex head and face challenges need treatment now, which they will only receive with your help. We need funding to reach the children who are left behind, and that means that we desperately need your help.



Your gift can help make this terrible season of disease and tragedy one of hope and transformation.


Thank you, and may God bless you,

Kenneth E. Salyer, M.D.


P.S. As you protect your own and your family’s health this spring, please also

help the neediest children in the world receive the treatment they deserve so

they can lead the meaningful and productive lives that will only happen with

your generosity!

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