New WorldCF Programs Planned for 2018

As part of the WorldCF board of directors’ 2017 commitment to redefine our mission and refocus our efforts to bring excellent care to as many children around the world as possible, the foundation will enter 2018 with three-pronged focus about which we are truly excited.


We will expand the Dr. Dane and Mary Louise Miller Visiting Professorship to include new medical administrator Dr. Diego Steinberg and WorldCF medical directors Dr. Derek Bruce, Dr. David Chong, Dr. Arun Gosain, Dr. Akira Yamada, and foundation founder Dr. Kenneth Salyer, each of whom will travel to WorldCF affiliated centers annually to teach, train, and perform surgeries in order to significantly advance the skills of the surgical staff at these centers.


With Dr. Salyer’s and Dr. Steinberg’s leadership, we will advance the craniofacial care of our most complex cases by overseeing the coordination of treatment of patients at four WorldCF craniofacial centers spread across the globe; develop a WorldCF Virtual Learning, Planning and Modeling Initiative, utilizing digital modeling, 3D printing, international teleconferencing, and other tools to diagnose and plan surgical treatment for the most complex craniofacial cases worldwide, and create an Internet-based a Rapid-Dissemination Network that will educate medical professionals around the world about craniofacial best practices, diagnoses, treatment protocols, innovative surgical techniques, and much more.


And we will implement a robust campaign for foundation sustainability by acquiring, renewing, and stewarding donors who will contribute generously to ensure the long-term financial health and stability of the organization, working with professional consultants to identify the individuals most likely to support our mission and vision, and creating key messages and materials that most effectively convey our mission and inspire generosity from our donors.


We have always worked tirelessly to help children in desperate need receive the surgical care—and the normal faces—they deserve so much. With this new strategic plan in place, and with energy and commitment of foundation staff and volunteers, and with the enormously generous support of financial supporters like you, the foundation’s mission is ever-more clear, achievable, and in sight. With your wonderful help, one day every child who longs simply to be normal will be! And we could not do our vitally important work without you!

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